Made an eBook about my schizophrenic experience

I made a book a while back ago about my personal experience with schizophrenia and would like people to read it and maybe tell me what they liked about it.
I know that it says that it costs $5.00 for the book but if you have read the 50% sample just email me with what you liked about it and ill send u a copy free of charge.
Thanks for the support.

Here is the link:


Congrats on writting a book :slight_smile:


thank you it took me a while to do it


I’d like to write a book one day, well done!

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I just got the privileges to add a link, so here is a clickable link to the book
just to make life a little easier

Congratulations. I try to write a book but never get more as 3 to 4 pages. Its looks like i am writing my own psychreport.:))

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I read the preview. I like it. I can relate to that. Is it for ebook “kobo” as well available?

yeah i have epub and mobi file formats both available that are supported on kobo
not sure how to upload it onto a device because I do not own a kobo
i couldnt find a version of it on the kobo site, because smashwords distributes them for me
if kobo needs a different format just email me what that is, im sure that i can convert it for you
u can email me on the email listed on the smashwords website part
but I do have an itunes version here:

and a barnes and noble NOOK version here:

@dunno im happy u can relate to it and i hope that you are doing well and stable so far :slight_smile:
and thank you I spent a lot of time working on it