Lying about taking meds?

have you ever lied and said yes when someone asks if your taking your meds because you do not like the side effects but you dont want them to think you are not compliant

my parents do that. I have never lied about taking meds but my parents have. especially my dad, he has schizoaffective disorder and my mom has bipolar disorder with psychotic features. they are both extremely paranoid about their relationship. mostly my dad he accuses my mom of cheating at least once a day.

I know when they are lying because their symptoms are worse when they don’t take their meds. my mom is either manic or depressed never on even ground.


Sounds unhealthy. I bet if they had to go without each other they’d act better towards each other

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I don’t know, I just know my dad is in the hospital for copd and pneumonia. my dad is accusing my mom of cheating already even when they were living with my cousin and his family and my mom was accused of sleeping with her nephew.

my brother has never lied about whether or not he has taken his meds but he just doesn’t take them.

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I currently do that.

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i think i am going to do it because i am afraid of growing boobs and other crazy side effects from the med i got i havent taken it yet i think i am gonna stay off meds for a while but i will tell my pdoc that i took this one but it didnt work
how do u cope with your symptoms when not on meds?


You need to talk to your doctor about potential side effects and possibly changing your medication.

I’m lying about taking medication, but I’m not doing great, at all.

I smoke weed all day, everyday and its the only way I stay half way sane.

Its a really bad plan, and I have an appointment to see a doctor next month to start therapy and get back on meds.

The side effects rough, but sometimes you have to pick the evil you can live with,

Stay on your medication, bro.

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I lied to my parents for years about taking meds until I ended up in the hospital a whole bunch of times and found a med that was good for me finally and then I started getting injections and now I realize I’m better with it. I’m lucky I don’t have much side-affects on abilify and it works for me.

You will find your med one day.

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