Lunar Eclipse

I just read that there is supposed to be a lunar Eclipse on April 15. It’s at the full moon too…

I hope I can go to bed early and set my alarm and watch it.


thanks for telling us. I love astronomy so an eclipse would be a treat. I wonder if it will be visible in South Africa? I must check…


Yes - here is the news story:


I will have to be sure to check that out

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That is cool. It would be nice to watch, going to try

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Its not visible in SA I saw that, but it was on the news, so I saw it on TV. We in Cape Town are in 9:30am so the moon set already. Its so beautiful! I saw on Internet that there are two eclipses happening in the same month next year - Sept, and there will be a partial solar eclipse just visible in SA

Wow! It’s really neat. Perfect view in front of our house on the sidewalk.

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Just my luck… got up early to see the eclipse only to find we were socked in by fog

If anyone saw it… was it amazing?

I couldn’t see it either J - too cloudy. All I know was I barely slept at all last night. I wonder if this had to do with the lunar eclipse - the blood moon

I read somewhere that’s visible in the US, not sure about UK (LONDON).

Oh neat! I must have been the lucky one! Perfect night for an eclipse!
Starting at 11PM we sat in front of our house on the sidewalk looking south.
The moon was getting eaten up slowly from left to right. Told my husband the moon was made of cheese and an alien monster was slicing it up to put on toast- and it was extra hungry tonight. The moon was the aliens face-all red because it was embarrassed it left nothing for anyone else.
Don’t really think he believed it, but we went to get some fried chicken cause we were hungry.

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