Lowered my Zyprexa 2 weeks ago and I've lost 8 pounds

I felt too dopey on 7.5 mg and was worried about getting in an accident when driving. So I told the psychiatrist about it and went from 7.5 mg to 5 mg. 2 weeks later I’ve gone from 236 pounds to 228. I also feel more energy and I am more in the moment. I’m driving better too. Life is good!


im going to lower mine too your thread has insprired me to do it, I take 15 mg zyprexa

I should also say I’m sleeping less too, I was sleeping about 14 hours on 7.5mg and now on 5 I’m sleeping 11-12 hours. My sexuality is better too, I can last about 5 minutes now whereas before it was about 2. Lots of good things happening.


don’t be a fool
i lost 2 stone without reducing 15 yrs ago
if you can’t be on olanzapine at a realistic dose, find another medication and transition carefully with help

did you exercise to lose the 8 pounds?


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@mmasters can you text back

Haven’t exercised but I plan to do some walking when the weather gets better.

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