Love or reality?

In reality love isn’t like that which you find in literature.
Now I don’t know whether I should give up on love or give up on reality.


What sort of literature have you been reading?

I guess it must be “Romeo and Juliet”, "Tristan and Isolde " and “Wurthering heights”. That sort of things, where the love is very intense, but never lats because everybody ends up dead.

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I don’t think you can ever really give up on love.

it comes in many ways.


You’re right. I was thinking of the romantic love in specific.

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in high school, and into college,
I was madly in love with one guy,

a long time I pursued him, to no avail,
while my classmates were screwing around doing the nasty.

they didn’t know what love was.

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I experienced something similarly. I was in love with the same guy for 3 years while I was young, but he didn’t love me back. Took a long time to forget him.

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yeah, makes no sense,

you would think a guy would love it if you’d do anything for him.

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In the case of “Romeo and Juliet,” they hardly know each other, so their love is quite shallow. There is more lust than love at work. They are reckless and immature teenagers.

In “Wuthering Heights” there is a deeply unhealthy dynamic. Cathy chooses someone else, but neither Cathy or Heathcliff move on. If she had truly loved Heathcliff, she would have either chosen him, or moved on emotionally from him, once she was married. Heathcliff should have moved on from Cathy, once she had chosen someone else.

I haven’t read “Tristan and Isolde,” but my understanding is that she is married to his uncle and there is infidelity.

Idealizing relationships like these is only to set yourself up for drama and disappointment, of the sort that these couples experienced themselves.

There are plenty of much healthier relationships to model future romantic relationships upon in fiction, both in TV shows and in books.


yeah. what comes to mind is Kitty and Levin,

from Anna Karenina.


Love is but a whisper of reality in the thoughts of men but if you’re really listening love is really thin they say it’s as high as a mountain or even thicker than blood but I find it in the comfort of strangers that have Heavenly thoughts about

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Yes I know that and agree completely. These story romantizices an unhealthy love. I don’t know why I am so obsessed with it.

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