Lottery tickets

I had 5 powerball tickets and 5 lotto tickets. $15 play. One won $6 and the other $100. Not rich but that’s the most I have ever won

Bought 7 packs of cigarettes and a case of beer and it was basically free and I got some change back.


that reminds me of the country song, about buying a scratch off ticket and winning 100 bucks. i think it called ‘when it rains it pours’ by luke combs. "bought 2, 12 packs and a tank of gas with it’

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that song came on the radio about a month ago when i got in the car. so i took it as a sign to buy a lottery ticket haha. i lost.

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Tickets tickets on the floor just can’t wait to buy more when’s the winner to or not it was a grand prize will be there in a spot got $5 I got green eyes what to do with those American Pie

I didn’t hit it big like @san_pedro

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It’s gambling folks!