Lots of bad thoughts tonight about this site

i cant say what they are aying bc i would get into trouble but i cant help it

@shortcircuit. That’s maybe because we’re giving you good advice here on the site such as go to a pdoc and get on meds.

I would recommend that you listen to the advice of folks on this site who have had similar experiences as you’re having, rather than listening to the bad thoughts.


how do you know i havent done that

Well, have you? What meds are you on?

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why do you want to know anyway?

Because you’re describing symptoms that meds could help with. If you are currently on meds and still having symptoms you may need to change dosage or try a different med.


i dont want to talk about that

I wasn’t here most
Of the day but I hope you’re ok and well.

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i’m doing ok i think just got a few unwanted thoughts but something is really bothering me about this site

there is a fat chick pointing at me and laughing all the time and another guy was laughing too and i am wondering why they are laughing at me,

also people seem really preoccupied with meds and i dont want to talk about that

i also think i am annoying certain people here and why did my post get closed when i was trying to talk to people

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Which country are you from?

Unfortunately meds are the current front line treatment for sz, but I guess we could ask are you receiving a psychological intervention like CBT or therapy?

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For me I got rid of most of the bad voices using the techniques I learnt during my mindfulness for psychosis course.

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@shortcircuit Here are links to the site guidelines and FAQs.
(I moved this post over from the other “The voices poll #2” thread.)