Lost my new job

@velociraptor I think im not so bad of a writer. Not sure what other home-like skills i have. Not very tech savvy compared to others my age.

I had it ripped away as a preteen. Doesn’t mean you can’t develop a measure of serenity later on. Just do the best you can in the day you’re in and things will get sorted over the long term. Honest.

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Why don’t you try a college course part time for starters?

I did that years ago

It was only 1 1/2 days a week and I learnt some skills from it

Might be worth checking?

Here courses start September time, so just in time

There are many adult learning routes, and sometimes they’re funded as well!


There’s a couple avenues for writers to work at home! Some of them don’t pay well, while others have the potential to move you into a freelance spot. From my research any type of editing or copywriting pays the best, and you can take some courses on Udemy (wait for a sale, seriously the courses get super cheap) on copywriting and peer editing. At first you’ll make peanuts, but it could end up being a full time gig.

There is a ton of work out there for writers with a plucky go get ‘‘em attitude.

With all of that being said, be proud of yourself! You put yourself out there! That’s freaking huge! You found a job that was too stressful and wasn’t a right fit, and that’s okay. Maybe you try again, or maybe you find that now is not the right time. Either way, I would reframe this as a win.

I award you an A for effort. I’m doing very well right now with my health and studies, and even I walked away from a restaurant job. They didn’t offer breaks, and I’m like bro it’s 2022, what do you mean you don’t offer breaks? I said sorry, not worth it.

You have guts for trying in a high stress environment, and I want you to acknowledge that!


Check out your self-esteem again. I lost a job because I thought I was ugly. The boss took a picture of me without my knowing it and showed it to me. I thought “I don’t look that bad at home.” I guess it was stress that made me tense and “ugly”. It ruined my confidence and I got replaced. Now, I’m like Jayster. -at an age where I am considered retired.

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@Squanchy thanks ill have a gander. @chordy hey i kind of feel you there with the appearance thing. I apparently have body dysmorphia. Went through a period where i was pretty well when it comes to sz symptoms. But i wouldnt leave the house for weeks at a time because what i saw in the mirror looked more like a monster to me. Would stare for long periods just freaking out about how ugly i thought i was. But this has mostly gone away now. I try not to put as much stock into the way i look these days.

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