Lost my girlfriend...staying single this time

well, as some of you know I still talk to my ex wife during the day while my ex girlfriend Angie was at work. Angie knew I talked to her and o k 'ed it but now that I’m vice free and doing so well my ex wife thought it a good idea to ask me back. I considered it and thought to be honest and nice to my girlfriend that I would tell her last night that I was considering leaving. As I told her I realized I wanted to stay with my girlfriend and not go to Arizona to be with my ex wife. It’s now too late and we have talked online while she is at work and she has decided not to give me yet another chance…it’s just as well, as I thought , my ex step son who hates me forbade Nancy from getting back with me and they are very close so that mattered enough. Thing is, I see this as a God thing as I am now going to stay alone since I can’t really hold a girlfriend very well yet. wish me luck, I will be lonely.

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I’m sorry you’re alone now, but you seem to have found some solace in it. Some things just were not meant to be. To be honest (and I mean this in the nicest way possible), I always thought you going back to your ex-wife was not the best idea. Keep looking. Just keep that temper in check, okay? You seem like a warm, fun-loving guy, and I’d like to see you get paired up with someone who’s healthy for you. Good luck Michael! You’ll find someone. :slight_smile:

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This is sad and I am sorry. But I dont think it means you will never have a partner again. Your girlfriend is hurt because she’s jealous (naturally) and your wife wants you back. You’re obviously attractive enough to women! Take your time to recover and be open to the fact that sadness always passes and you can take what you learned into the next relationship.

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Hey @jukebox Join the club! I choose to be alone, can’t handle the emotional roller coaster that happens when you are in a relationship - best of luck to you

sorry for you jukebox…lonliness is a bitch…

Live and learn. Things should get better. Good luck.

I hope things get better for you. Things will improve over time. Just keep your self-esteem up, and face what comes up to you. You can do it. Luck to you.

Damn, sorry jukebox.

Don’t think you deserve to be lonely, nobody does.


If I was you, I 'd ask Angela to come back and say Goodbye to Nancy and her son.

With Angela, you can have the benefit of staying close to your family while Nancy could drive you away again at anytime.

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Good luck,have some fun time alone,or with friends and not girlfriend

Last night me and my girlfriend “kind of” made up while she got drunk…hope she still wants me this morning when she gets up? I may have spoke too soon…I don’t want to lose her.


good luck michael. hope things work out for you hunni

That stinks. Sorry to hear this. Hope you aren’t too sad.

If I were you, I’d be ready to give up on women and go for a buddy roommate.

I never picture you staying alone in this life… you have opened yourself up to love… and love finds you.

aw Jukebox…You won’t be lonely for any length of time, you can cook, like to laugh, and nice looking too.
I hope Angela forgives you for telling her you were considering leaving her for Nancy. You have some making up to do…and hope you both will work things out and be happy.
The secret to a long relationship is in the forgiving.

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I know for me having a boyfriend is a very good thing, hope that it all works out.

Angie let me know later last night that she has had her eye on another man but that she didn’t act until last night to try and see him. She packed a set of clothes so I guess she’s off to see him after work today. fml.

Hope ya ok mate

I am o k I guess. I will get through this.