Loss of Touch with Self

During the entire period of time that I was suffering from “psychosis”, which was about five or six years, I think the worst part of this experience for me was losing touch with myself. Psychosis is described as loss of touch with reality, but I wasn’t even out of touch with reality, I lived in reality and interacted with it’s denizens the entire time while believing in my mind things that were unreal. I guess I feel I never really “went over the edge” so to speak, just danced along the rim. I wasn’t disturbing the general public shouting my delusional beliefs from the rooftop or barking at the moon at 2am (I know someone who did), no one could tell I was crazy.

My loss of touch was mostly with self, and this honestly was worse than being delusional or thinking I was a telepath. All I know is that when I began to regain my sense of who I am my symptoms went away. This of course was only my personal experience…

I of course still have the occasional wrestle with my false memories, but these shouldn’t be mistaken for my being symptomatic.