Loss of bladder control at night

I suffer from loss of bladder control during the night do you guys know if the medicines cause this and does it ever go away, it’s ruining my quality of sleep. Not to mention the pounding my confidence is taking?


I used to suffer from frequent urination that wasnt a result of diabetes. My doctor said the cause of these types of things are not obvious. I take oxybutynin and this stops both frequent urination and lack of bladder control.

Do consider medication to fix your issue so you can get back to sleeping. I know how you feel. Possibly ask about oxybutynin. .

I’ve heard this is common with clozapine. I heard of one person who started taking taking their meds on a morning instead of at night and the problem went away, they were taking clozapine as well. What med are you taking?

Sometimes my son has this happen. I think it’s a combination of things. Medications that make him sleep to sound, it’s hard to wake him up. Drinking alcohol before bed or even a lot of water. I think Clozapine increases your thirst and I have read to not drink to much before bed as this can happen. I got a small mattress cover to help protect the mattress from this and his night sweats. I have come close on several occasions when dreaming about it. I know it’s not the same but just wanted you to know that it does happen. I have read on other forums of this happening with Clozapine. Maybe try limiting your fluids within so many hours of going to bed especially alcohol or caffeine.

That is a good idea. I don’t have the lack of bladder control, but I do sleepwalk and sometimes end up in bed soaking wet from being in the rain. I can sweat through a pair of sheets like no other.

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