Losing your certainty

Have you ever had moments in time where you lose your certainty about things? You, them, the world around you, the way things work and fit together all of a sudden aren’t clicking anymore and you just don’t feel sure about things? Totally lost? Or do I have dementia or something?

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Yes often. Its something im addressing in therapy.

Dont know if you relate to this but this seems to describe how i experience this.

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I’m glad I don’t have that, although I’d like to know how it feels. I had a dream where I was disembodied, with cars driving right through me, but I still felt the experience was mine.



Im still trying to figure out what all fits into it, so far ive noticed i obsess over why something is called what it is (like why is a chair called a chair and not a table?), i notice frequently how disconnected the world feels think about how im.noticing/visual perception (like dissociation), i usually have multiple layers of thoughts going at once and will flip between these thoughts uncontrollably so i circle in thinking and never finish a thought, and sometimes i feel i have to super focus on what im doing, like breaking down all the small steps that normally are done without thought, sometimes i suddenly feel like i cant connect with who i am and the past feels like it didnt happen. During psychosis i tend to get cotards syndrome and nihilistic delusions in general.

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