Looks maxing tips! (for men... or for everyone!)

I’m in a self improvement ordeal lately. Some things make take some time, but I’m willing to do the experiment. It’s my new little videogame.

-Started to have a skin care routine. I will go to a face salon later in a couple of months. Right now, I’m doing exfoliant, good soap, moisturizer and sunscreen.

-I’m trying to eat clean most of the time.

-minimum 8 hours of sleep. If not, try to take a nap.

-doing workout

-doing cardio

-staying hydrated

-trying to keep up regularly with oral hygiene

-trying to keep up regularly with showers

-atm I’m on minoxidil for preventing hair loss.

-trim eyebrows and beard

After a while I will do more inmediate changes:

-updating wardrobe

-cool haircut


Thats great. Yeah i want to start taking more care of myself again soon. My biggest things are not exercising and eating unhealthy. Cant beleive im overweight. I always thought i would be skinny as a rake.

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Keep thinking about it. You will find one day you just want to do it.

A lot of what you listed sounds like self-care. Good for your mental health too.


That’s true. Self care= self love.

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You could try going for a nice hair cut or looking into fashion a bit

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Im.on meds and gaining weight again. Under 160 lbs 6 weeks ago now im 190. I dont want to gain anymore but i have nothing to do but eat right now. That will change soon but i’ll still be hungry.

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oh this reminds me of when I wore black sharp toed boots as a stud in college…haha

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Already covered in my original post :smiling_imp:

Like these ones?

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You need to control it bro… it will be hard to get lean again otherwise. Hope you the best…

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exactly like those boots…with a rockabilly suit to go with it.

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Gonna steal that idea. I know it, you know it. Everybody knows it.

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I buzz cut it, after 3-4 months on minoxidil. It’s working out, only missing some blank spots (If I want to be picky)

Oh cool I didn’t know u had a thread. I’ll have a read later :slight_smile:

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Selfie!!! Haha :scream::scream::scream:

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I mean, this thread is the bare ■■■■■■■ minimum.

I have more stuff noted in my phone. It’s entertaining to do.

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Well for now I’ll say congratulations :slight_smile:

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I don’t want to bother admins to delete it later.

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OK here’s my number… Just kidding lol🥂

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