Looks like the Olympics will be starting in a little over 2 weeks

I think on NBC.

that’s something to look forward to.



Oh yea true, I will watch it for sure. I think its in Tokyo.


I’ll watch it for the hotties competing lol

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yeah, usually all muscle, and no boobies, though.


Hey @Daze is Summer the one with the gymnastics? I always like to watch the gymnasts. They are amazing.

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they’ll probably make us wait for prime time broadcasting for that,

not sure.

gymnastics, and track and field, I think are my faves, but i like it all.

Yes, they have gymnastics in the summer olympics.


Japan has issued a state of emergency because of rising numbers of COVID cases. That means no spectators. That’ll be unusual.

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Where are you hearing this?
Preparations should have been made.

Ah huh. Whatever. Fear-mongering.

I saw on cnn last night that some sprinter got denied eligibility because of cannabis.

I think the committee made the right choice. Athletes influences to asking people, and shouldn’t be promoting them that doing drug is okay… even if it’s legal.

They should be demonstrate to people that people can do good even without the use of drugs.

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I hope the Olympic games would be open as planed.

Their still not 100% sure about it yet

where are you guys hearing this stuff?

the network has already been promoting it.

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