Who is watching Sotchi's Olympic openings right now

I watch it using my laptop. The world has changed.

Mispelled Sochi … sorry

I watched it, it was ok but I think the British Olympic ceremony was better however I think everything happens for a reason and the snowflake not opening seems like a sign of the times what with melting ice and global warming and all of that :frowning:

The government banned live streaming from British and Canadian websites. Americans will have to wait until 7:30 PM to watch NBC. :anguished:

In Finland it is quite a liberal media policy, but if one communcates against some societal groups such as Jews, Muslims, homos and so on, one can get some legal trouble, although the punishment is not severe, typically just some fine.

My girlfriend and I have been watching sochi. It is on again tonight NZ time at 11pm.

Love big international sporting events. I believe there is a world cup soccer later on in the year…