Looking to build a computer or prebuilt

Im looking to build a new computer or find a prebuilt one to edit 4k videos and stuff, maybe be able to use oculus rift too.

Im thinking like 32gb ram, 1tb ssd for the os. Not sure what video card.

Something that comes in around 1600 canadian.

If anyone has any ideas that would be awesome thanks

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It probably will be a good time to build in a month or so with the new Ryzen. Their chips are looking like coming out ahead of intel so I’d definately be looking at the new ryzen and I’d be buiiding. It’s cheaper and you get more bang for you buck.

Graphics cards are still overpriced but Nvidia are soon to refresh their range. Talking of being way more powerful but looking like they’ll use a lot of power so to future proof a little I’d be looking to build with a decent, higher wattage power supply…like 850watts minimum.

Lots of different things to be aware of but that would be the basics.

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Okay thanks. Ill wait for a bit then. :+1:

Yeah. If you wait a couple of months it should be a good time to build. I’ve a two year old system so I’m looking to build by the end of the year.

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DDR5 Ram prices are too high but slowly going down

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Yea I didn’t post because I agree with @roguetwo


amd gpu prices are at and sometimes even below msrp. the rx 6600 specifically is a great value at around $300. i payed over $500 for mine lol at a time where it seemed like prices were only going up and stock never being in

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