AMD 390 Dropped in price by 100$ in the last couple weeks

Was 430$ now it’s down to 330$ over the course of a month since release.

Was thinking I’d have to save for months to get one. Apparently not though. This card is leaps and bounds more powerful than current consoles. Meaning I’ll be set for about 8 years or so as they define the requirements for most games.

Exciting stuff. It’ll probably be cheaper by the time I can make the purchase responsibly. Fallout 4 will probably be better on PC.

Never heard of it. I wonder how good it is at mining buttcoins.

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I don’t know. There are probably better cards for that though.

Didn’t japan just change it’s laws saying that bitcoin ownership wouldn’t be protected legally.

Some dude was storing bitcoins for other people and then they all went missing.

Used to be a total nvidia fan boy. Think amd is the better choice now.

I’m not sure. But I think I lost like 7 or 8 dollar on mt gox. I would have been pissed if I had a lot more. Nobody is going after that guy which sucks.

AMD is better for mining. Although if you want to mine bitcoin use ASIC chips. I think altcoins are better these days anyways and you can mine them on graphics cards. I tried doing it but the graphics card I bought was dead on arrival and I just gave up on it. The cards keep on selling out anyways. You also can’t compete with the people getting free electricity. Plus the money declines over time because the difficulty increases.

It’s cheaper, but typically older tech which runs hotter and less efficiently. They made the right move of waiting until nvidia released this current gen of cards. The card in the OP is the most powerful single processor card for gaming on the market. A lot of people side with nvidia it probably is a better company. I know AMD isn’t raking in the dough comparatively. But that card can be purchased for 330$ already. I expect they’ll do alright on this run.

My rig is painfully out of date. Still rocking 3 gtx480s!

Damn. I think I had one of those…

At least you’ve got three.

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This is specific one I’m looking at. Has the best ratings for the price point. Granted it’s only 5 reviews.

Looks sweet. Fallout 4 will look pretty with that bad boy

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Oh yeah man. Finally a game worth buying. I’ll probably have the card a while before it released. Will be going back to skyrim. Modded to the max.

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This is an interesting article from january

The new cards are built for directx 12 and I guess mantle has some benefits in windows 10 for developers who use it instead.