Looking for love 🥚

I’ve always been on my own. Any girls that shown interest in me i shook off in the past but im not gonna do that any longer. Ive changed my mind on this. Its time i found myself a team mate to share my eggs with. Gonna keep an eye out from here on out. Might even use a dating site if nothing comes up in the next year. Look out ladies!!!


Yea I wonder all the time if it’s worth it to try just to be turned down after sharing news of the illness even though I am completely treated. Good luck

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Thanks. I havent thought about sharing the illness. Meds work really well for me. Maybe i can get by without sharing my diagnosis? Damn i had not thought about this haha :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I dont really know… I think they kind of would be like w t eff?? if they found out later on.

Ill have to find someone with an open mind i guess


I think every day how on earth could someone accept something like the sz. Not being negative; I just don’t see how it is possible yet. @brucewillis

You deserve to find love brubru!!! Good luck!!


My fiancé has accepted it and is very supportive. She noticed some things were out of sorts with me before i had any idea of my issues. She convinced me to see my pdoc (dx’d SZA) for the first time a few months before i had my first serious psychotic break. We had only been together for a few months before that so it took real courage to bring it all to my attention. She continues to be super supportive, i couldnt have made it without her. Here’s hoping you all find your soul mate.


Good wishes for ya at finding a team mate.

Dating sites can be pretty good a way to find some one.

I like to tell people I date about my “sicknesses” but usually not on the first date…

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Thats cray. Love your story. Is dx’d… diagnosed? Sounds painful lol.

Yeah @Logan dx’d is diagnosed
Wasn’t too painful, like ripping a bandaid, lol. Painful was the 28 yrs before not knowing what was wrong with me. She picked it up in a few months, so me feeling stupid is kind of painful, lol.

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Did they dx you correctly in your guys’ opinion? My initial wasn’t correct or even close and a pdoc coerced me into saying I was suffering from depression so she could confirm a diagnoses of some kind when I was very vulnerable and she said that was the only way I would ever get out of the hospital… I hadn’t ever had depression. My next pdoc said a 10 foot pole would know that diagnosis was wrong and that I was catatonic sz not SA.

I believe my dx is dead on, schizoaffective bipolar type. But i think my pdoc is pretty intuitive and has great knowledge. I thought i was just bipolar for almost a year before my therapist told me what the pdoc dx’d me as. I had alot of denial up until close to a few weeks ago. I have only recently been looking into what my dx actually means and symptoms that come with it. A rather enlightening experience, and shocking to know how it has molded and shaped who i am today, without my knowledge.

That’s very interesting. Even being misdiagnosed as SA b-type I really have no idea what that is except that the Pdocs said it is only diagnosed along with a mood disorder.

Hmmm I’d let her lay the eggs though. Best also to keep them unfertilized until you’re both ready.


Its basically just sz with either bp or depression. Best of both worlds! Lol. Sza is episodic in nature for a month or so while sz can be upto 6 months or more with symptoms. My pdoc first considered me bp with psychotic features but not sure what made him go with sza, which i do feel is the right dx. Bp with psychotic features doesnt have psychosis without mood symptoms, sza will have psychosis without mood symptoms, i believe for at least 2 weeks. My episodes vary in length but 1 month is a good guideline for diagnosis. Im no expert yet but getting there!

That is a great synopsis, thanks! I didn’t realize that symptoms only show for 1-6 months. I thought it was a forever thing?

I guess positive symptoms or psychosis prob only show for that time. I could be wrong. My negative symptoms definitely are more prolonged if they cease at all during the times between episodes. Check out Wikipedia on sz and sza for some quick reading, it explains a lot.

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You need someone to scramble your eggs.