Look up there, here comes a really

angry russian helicopter…
I am truly sorry - this is me reposting from the old forum - just totally could not resist this topic - because somebody, bless their soul, is like - I am looking for funny delusions - so - this dude

and - no - I am not insensitive - or whatever - can crazy people call other crazy people crazy? - because I am and I do

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…that was creepy, I hope he gets better.

it was some time ago - he is most probably much better - and- sorry - did not mean to upset you

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That dude was scary. I hope they catch that rogue pilot so he can relax.

Being schizophrenic myself though i have to wonder if they were doing this to him, i said some wierd things myself but it was just them.

Like i could have yanked the pipe out of my brother’s hand and smashed it because they were in my mind telling me that i had been trapped in the pipe and would be controlled with it from then on, it was just them though.

I could have been to afraid to cross that bridge because they were in my mind telling me that it was half finished and when you got to the edge you either went up or down and that was it forever, it was so strange though because it was different than someone just saying it, it was more like tricking the mind and giving it an illusion.

Anyone could have just said those things and i would have said “wtf are you talking about right now?” But they weren’t just saying it, more like putting it in me, or putting up a picture in my perception so thats what it thought was going on.

If this guy is like me then someone is screwing up his head, and not only can they screw with your mind they can physically harm you which happened to me twice already, and can get you to do things like look at their times on the clock over and over again.