LONG dreams on Latuda, NIGHTMARES!

Just started Latuda and last night I had long dreams that were nightmarish. They were very vivid and lucid. I dreamt my cats were possessed and haunting me. It almost felt like I was watching a whole movie. Man they were weird.

I had a dream last night I was visiting a different dimension and had to be undercover and people knew I was an outsider because I had saliva. Weird â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  dream.

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When I started Latuda… it kick started my brain out of some very deep negative symptoms… all of a sudden… my brain was working faster then I was used to.

I didn’t really have nightmares… but I sure did have vivid weird dreams that took a bit to get over when I woke up.

Keep an eye on that if it gets too much let your doc know…

Also… try some decompression time before you go to bed…

I start a half an hour before my night meds kick in… turn off the electronics… put on some soothing music… read something light and humorous… watch my fish.

Let the mind cool down before sleep… I still get some vivid dreams… but it’s not scary…

good luck


Before I took latina I honestly believed I failed to sleep deep enough to dream at all. On latuda, my dreams are so intense, getting a full nights rest has become a highlight of my day. Tip: immerse yourself in what drives you the most, then go to sleep, you’ll probably dream out it. I like to watch survival vids of deep wilderness, then I dream I’m in the woods in like medievil Times or something similar.

Thanks. It was better last night. I’ll take all your suggestions though

Eat a meal with it


The dreams I have since I’ve started Latuda are incredibly lucid and long. Very colorful and detailed. They aren’t nightmares, though they aren’t Pee Wee’s Playhouse either.
It’s like they have just enough detail about me and my life to make me conscious of certain things I need to work on. Therapeutic. Solid R rating.

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Ive experienced that too…

So latuda for me has been causing very intense dreams. At first I was like this is a wierd side effect but I do need the medicine so I decided that like lamictal the dreams would taper off after a month but I’ve only been on this medication for a week and now that are becoming too bizarre and now they are legitimate nightmares. To the point I’m waking up and having to literally look at my thumb and wrap my hand around my thumb to make sure it is still really there bc it my dream I tore it off my hand. Now it has hit a point where I had such a scary dream I’m stuck awake afraid to go back to sleep. Its really distressing. Wish it wasnt a 3 day weekend bc I need an emergency appointment with my psychiatrist ASAP

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