Dream Quality-Latuda

I am on Latuda now, and everything seems to have this shimmery, almost dreamlike quality to it. I woke up today and didn’t even know I was awake for about an hour. It did not help that I dreamed about watching TV last night, and the TV was on when I woke up. It took my GF grabbing me by the shoulders and asking me what I was talking about to realize it was not a dream. its been almost 12 hours now and I STIILL have this dream like quality to my vision and hearing.

Is this something others have experienced?

My brother’s on Latuda, and he doesn’t have this dreamlike quality you mention. We have noticed that Latuda is VERY strong - much stronger than his previous meds. No, I don’t mean in alleviating symptoms. It’s just very powerful in whatever it does.

I wouldn’t classify Latuda as a “strong” med. It does have amazing effects on dreams though. While sleeping, that is.
I see this may get confusing.
I take 80mgs.