LOL WTF cute to sexy?

This guy at work .(I’ve left the job now)… he’s not my type and he’s already got a girlfriend. Normally he calls me cute all the time but yesterday after posting a pic he wrote sexy wtf he sometimes says inappropriate things but I just brush it off can’t take life too seriously lol

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Is he like me…’’'KIDDING"

Nothing like you.

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U can call me to uk.i am ready to start rrelation with u…haha kidding…!!!

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Etrrr :thinking: Why call you to uk. I’m ready to come Nepal :joy:


Haha u can always come to Nepal. .i will send u 2 way ticket…just kidding …ur rich then me…u work full time…i cant even manage part time…u are lucky bipolar…i have sz…u are cute too…soon u shall marry…love u…

Maybe the picture you posted looked sexier than normal?

Doubt it. The last guy dumped me cos I looked boring lol

ish you are a sex bomb
I am having such a laugh here!

I hope you understand its a joke.
If you find it offensive I’ll edit it out(to ish)

You are good looking, not boring at all

I’m not offended but I’m not a sex bomb LOL I wish :see_no_evil:

Just remember, all is fair in love and war.