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Am I the only one obsessed with where to live… buy a cheap house in Cleveland? Live in an apartment and move around? Leave the country for cheap living abroad??? beach mountains? rural city??? I think my SZ makes it hard to not only live but make sound decisions


i dont think i’ll ever be content. i’m always fantasizing about living abroad, or traveling a lot, or finding a cheap house and saving on rent, or whatever. whatever i end up doing, i’ll always be checkin out the green grass on the other side of the fence.

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Buy a mobile home and pay it off in 4 years. Mine’s been paid off since 2008. Warning though mobile homes require maintenance cos they’re built cheap. This place is falling apart

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how much on average do u spend per month on internet and utilities? just curious

250 ish is pretty common for lot rent around here, what’s it like where u r? or r u talkin about putting the home on your own piece of land.

My home is on my dad’s farm. B4 that I was paying $125 lot rent but now I pay no rent.
I may pay $400/month total internet, electric and water

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Being on SSI dooms me to cheap housing for life. And with the diabetes it makes it difficult to eat the right foods because most cheap food doesn’t get it. So my prediction that I will not live to 60 may be quite accurate.

yeah i sometimes think about where to move to alot. i haven’t been doing it as much lately because i’ve decided to stay here until my parents die. all the places i want to live, i really can’t afford haha.

I could see myself spending 1 month in another part of the world but moving abroad not realistic.

I’ve lived in 5 countries, 3 continents and there’s no place like home.


I’m staying in arizona at the bare minimum until my daughters turn 18. Then even longer until my mom dies. I’ll probably move back home to Michigan after that. Another possibility is that I move to where ever my daughters live when they grow up. I won’t ever ask to live with them. Just maybe on the other side of town where they’re from. That’s if they want me to. If they don’t I won’t. Who knows their husbands might hate me haha


I was In your shoes a few months ago.

I ended up buying a house in a rural Midwest town. I mainly chose this so I would stay grounded and near family. I think I made the right choice.

Edit: be careful not to isolate yourself too much. Sometimes the loneliness can be a struggle…


I was lucky. I didn’t become disabled til after my home was paid off. It’s just a mobile home but it’s mine. I had a really good job I worked at 11 years. I became disabled in 2012. My house was paid off in 2008 I think it was.

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