Living with your parents?

I joined the Navy and left home at 17. Been on my own ever since except for one semester in college. I live with my wife. My son moved out last year. We just got a new dog and have two cats.

Well, there is the fam that i can’t seem to escape which i try to do repeatedly and then am forced back as if by magic or something.

And then there is the ■■■■■■■ ghost but no one likes to talk about him really.

I haven’t lived with my parents since I was 18 years old. I moved out then to go live with my boyfriend at the time, who became my husband. I can’t live with my parents now because they are both, unfortunately, dead.

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@Anonaccount wow. how old are you?

my parents were assholes. I left once I turned 18 and never looked back. I’m emotionally independent. I’m not even dating anyone. just going through this thing called life on my own, going through people and places.

I want to live in northern Tel Aviv, no matter the living arrangement.

I’m pretty old. I’m 57 years old.

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i have lost my parents at very early age mom at 16 dad at 22 i live on my own since then iam 41.

How do you support yourself?

23 until July, still living with my mom. Very grateful for her.

I lived w my mum for 3 or 4 years after my first episode
And back age 26 - 31
Then I moved in with my boyfriend
We met 10 years ago I’m 42, married 7 years

I live with my dad now. We rent an apartment together.

I live with my mom, the only place I cold really afford is city housing and I’ve been on the list for that for 4.5 years

I kind of wish I could live with my mom. I did in 2013-2014. But she lives in another country. I had to come back to the U.S.

I live in an apartment and support myself, but I am poor.

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I forgot to mention, I’m 26. I moved out at 17.

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