LiveStream with Cecilia McGough

Hi, everyone!

Do you guys remember Cecilia McGough? She gave a speech about her disease:

Today she’ll be doing a LiveStream on Facebook. For those who want to know her, let’s participate. Here’s her Facebook page:

See you, guys :slight_smile:


I am sorry but I can’t relate, my situation is very difficult and I can’t relate to Cecilia whose situation is much better than mine.
I think that to cope with my situation takes real heroism.

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Shed a tear at the part where she said she went to go talk to a class but it was too late because they’d already lost a sz classmate to suicide. :cry:

Great to see those of us who can function doing something for those who cannot!
the livescreen is at 7 pm, eastern time, US time, going ot try to remember to see it! eek i have to get up at 4 am! to watch this! I’ll try…oh wait it’s just 4 pm cool!