Cecilia McGough's fundraising

Hi, guys!

Let’s help Cecilia McGough. A small donation can go a long way!

Help support my journey as a mental health advocate by funding upcoming projects and adventures including launching the book I Am Not A Monster: Schizophrenia, starting a personal vlog to help put a face to schizophrenia, and traveling to Denmark for the UNLEASH LAB where we will be bringing Students With Schizophrenia on the global level and be connected with major playing sponsors. This fund is to help my personal journey which includes paying living expenses and paying off past medical debt as I give my 100% focus and dedication academically and professionally to launch Students With Schizophrenia. A small donation can go a long way!

NONPROFIT: http://sites.psu.edu/studentswithschizophrenia/
TREATMENT BLOG: http://sites.psu.edu/ceciliamcgough/
UNLEASH: https://unleash.org/innovation-lab-2017/

Thank you!
Cecilia McGough


She is my personal idol!

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Cecilia will be going to the UNLEASH LAB (in Denmark) on August 2017 (I think it will be around August 12th).

UNLEASH is a global solution lab for the sustainable development goals.

For more information, you can access http://unleash.org


I really admire her.