Live Forever young

When you are young, the world is yours
you exploring and traveling in new places,
seeing the world
but as you become older new responsibilities come
but still you may want to be young forever
but as impossible it is when we become older
our minds may stay young
having youthful thoughts and thinking,
but as years pass we have our own children,
we must show an example
how to live, how to behave,
our dream of staying young is broken,
but we and our thoughts remain alive,
forever young.


It is not funny, but in the 1980s I knew one person who always listened this Alphaville song, but then this person died young. Maybe the person went to the heavenly kingdom of God.

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As I was reading this I thought what you were saying sounded so familiar. Then I realized it was a song lol

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I wouldn’t want to be the way I was when I was young. I could be a real jack ass. I’m still not completely over that.