Live alone with schizophrenia?

What’s it like?
What’s your struggles?
What’s your good?

Curious to see


I live alone.

I was advised against it. But i don’t think I’d do well with a roomie.

I’m lucky and have good neighbors on all sides of me. In fact I had about a 45 minute conversation With one of my neighbors today. I’d struggle if I never got to talk to anyone.

I’m pretty darn healthy tho. So I’d say my struggles are minimal. Well, ive been fighting a cannabis habit since March. So I suppose I’d say there’s nobody to babysit me so I’m kind of free so do as I please. And I’m getting used to that.


I live alone – I prefer it to having a roommate, last one tried Cooking drugs from paint thinner in the middle of the night, he would eat all the food in 2 days, steal my stuff like my Wii for drugs, did not shower, wore my vlothes, would bring trash in from the dumpster — the only real upside to it is having a roommate I could afford a car, then he wanted rides to his dealer …
It was an awful hassle, I would rather be alone with PSR aquaintances than have real friends


Sounds like my friend Jon. He would hassle me for money for drugs and drag trash in from the dumpster. At least we didn’t live together though.

I lived alone for nine years after my son died in 2011. I must have been a bit depressed because I couldn’t get hygiene or housework done. I even slept in my clothes and wore the same clothes for up to a week at a time but, I wasn’t sad.

Ever since I moved into my longtime gf’s house with her, all these things have reversed and me and her are supremely happy now.


I lived alone for a few years during my prodromal phase of sz. I boozed heavily to cope with my symptoms (I didn’t know what was going on at the time). I tend to drink a lot when I’m alone for an extended period of time, so it’s probably best I just live with my folks. But sometimes I wish I did live alone, just for the solitude.

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It’s okay, as long as you live close to family, and you’re fairly stable, it’ll be okay I think

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Living in my own place is the best thing that ever happened to me.

I got hospitalised 3 times in the first six months, but after the ‘adjustment period’, I actually have now grown to like my own space, and I can do what the ■■■■ I want when I want how I want.

Struggles, keeping on top of chores is a pain, like ironing clothes and keeping the kitchen clean, but I do alright.


I dread the day this will happen to me, when my mom & pops pass away. No girlfriend, no friends and siblings living far away. It’s gonna be a lonely life for me😪

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Im not ready to live alone

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I have to move in with you guys somehow, because I can’t stand it alone. I need a girlfriend or something, because this is like detention.

I was thinking of moving out.

I don’t think I will though.

Seems like it poses more issues for me personally when I think of my network.

It’d make sense more, to rise out of the family home more slowly.

I take it few of the forum posters in this thread are as young as I am,

If I’m still in the home and leave at 26/7 instead of 24/25, it’s really not issue; I guess independence is something to be earned. And whilst I feel like I have earned it. I don’t feel comfortable navigating it.

There’s that, but there’s also other complications which I need to heed as far as things go.

My compelling reason to move is to have my own place to theorise and work on an economics paper I want to do. I just don’t know if it’s possible in the home environment or with the feelings I have for home — eg, I’m fed up and uninspired by it — that needs change, maybe I need to attempt dating or something, spark myself a little.

I live alone and have done for almost 20 years, it is hard sometimes as it can get a bit lonely but overall i am happy enough!

I live alone but I wish I had a roommate or companion.

When I was really sick every time I walked in my apartment my tv would turn on by itself. I swore the neighbors was doing it. While this was happening, one night a knife was thrown across the kitchen… just crazy stuff happening in that apartment.

I finally left the apt for six whole months because I was afraid the neighbors “who was turning on the tv” would do something like electrocute me. I went and stayed at every hotel and hostel I could find. While I was staying at the hostels every where I went a beep would go off. Even if I sit in the park I’d hear a beep. I blamed the neighbors for that to.

Finally I confided in someone who encouraged me to go to a hospital emergency room. I did and realized I was sick that whole time. The neighbors weren’t really doing anything to me.

I still can’t explain the tv and other weird stuff that still happens in this apartment. I’m trying to record a lot of it.

I do wish I had a roommate tho.


I lived alone in an apartment with my cat for a year. It was okay but kind of boring. I didn’t watch tv because of paranoia and didn’t interact with anyone who lived in the complex. My symptoms weren’t any better or worse when i was there. I guess I’m pretty adaptable to different circumstances.

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No, not another year alone!!! There has to be some way around this. I could have roommates and/or girlfriends easily, if the voices would stop!

I lived alone before my psychotic symptoms started. Well, I say ‘live alone’ but it was a large building with neighbours all close by. I could hear the music my neighbour used to play, and I bought a big speaker to compete with him!

I was the most popular person in the building - someone described me as ‘someone who loves everyone, and everybody loves you’

After hospitalisation, I found my own apartment and this was the real test. My psychosis robbed me off all the normal things like showering and dressing in new clothes every other day. I was a total wreck. Lived off takeaways. Spent all my time alone watching TV (mainly 24hr news channels)

After some time I decided to move back in with my parents (they forgave me for all the ■■■■ they had to put up with when I was ill). Now life is good - I shower every day, change clothes without anyone asking me to or prompting me to do it. It’s great to have the support of my family around me


Its good living alone because i dont bother others.


I can’t and don’t ever want to live alone. I’m already lonely. The prices are astronomical and I have no friends and only 5 family members that know me and I can trust and count on in this world. I rather be alone than be homeless of course, but I rather live in a room and board or a board and care and have a roommate or my own room for sure. I’m not high functioning like some doctors make the quick, poor judgement about me based on my looks and mannerisms.

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Damn are you haunted maybe? Never heard of something so extreme.