Lithium issue

Since my diagnosis is Schizoaffective bipolar type,
I take lithium for mood control and it also helps with the depression.

I started a few months back. I noticed that since then - this might be TMI so stop reading if you’re squeamish - I stopped my mensturation.

My issue - which drug caused that? Lithium, Latuda, etc (I take a few others)
Is it damaging me?
I figured I’d ask.

Did you talk to your doctor about it?

Yeah, they said it’s the lithium. Which I believe, I just never got an answer as to why it happens. Or how to fix it. Maybe someone else has?

I always feel like I’m bothering them with my questions.

I personally don’t know. Maybe someone else does. But asking questions is okay, it’s part of your doctor’s job to answer them.