Lights in the sky

I see lights in the sky sometimes.

Just saw one tonight.

Flare? Hallucination? Craft of some sort? Spirit? Alien?

Most of them don’t move like flares whatsoever, this one tonight did not either. It didn’t move as with something with air resistance floating downward.

Wierd ■■■■ right?!

This one appeared and went straight down, but unlike a flare or something of that nature. Right over the mountain top and down towards it.

Sometimes the lights appear and kind of move around like an organism would, like an organism you look at under a microscope or something.

And then sometimes a triangle craft appears over head almost floating in place and making no noise just over the trees. Very strange because it’s like everything stopped all of a sudden, even the wind seemed to hault and cease blowing, it was very quiet and strange, we were like animals that were spooked.

Wish i knew. It really drives you mad to say the least. So many questions now. A seemingly endless amount of questions.


It’s most likely just this

It uses some sort of antigravity or inverse gravity so it can hover, and it is silent.
the other lights could be some sort of energy produced by the craft. seems they are flying your area quite a bit.


I’ve had recent dreams of being in the front yard at night of the house I lived in when I was about ten. I see these light formations in the sky that move or are arranged in such a way that they indicate intelligence.

That time was when there were a lot of ufo reportings all over the country - according to the news. My friend who lived nearby on a farm said that a ufo had landed in one of the back lots. The kids around there knew about this story. There was a ring of burned grass where it was. they said. Her mother wouldn’t let her take us there.

I don’t know where the dream comes from. I’m not into UFO’s, etc.

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