Who knows the orange lights phenomenon?


Last night I had a strange encounter:
It was 8.30 pm, I was watching TV, when I ran hot and was sweating, although it was not very warm in the room. I felt that I MUST now go to the terrace (it was cool outside, the day had been clowdy, it was dusk and the clowds still slightly visible) and lay into the lounger.

About a minute after laying down three orange lights appeared, flying in formation. Of course one could think now that it’s a hallucination, but my dog panicked when they were approaching us. Just when the three had passed by a fourth appeared, I couldn’t say whether it was from the horizon or it had just risen from a place a few kilometers away. This one flew faster, probably to keep up with the others. I estimated that the speed must have been a few hundred kilometers per hour, slowing down when it came closer.

I just googled and saw that orange behaving that way seem to a quite common phenomenon. Has anybody else here seen them?


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It might just be the military testing some new technology or aliens have come. Back in 1999 Art Bell had a radio show and he often discussed how there were these flying objects with three lights. Who knows, but he was right about the price of gold when he recommended people to buy it.

Back in 1999 when Art Bell talked about these flying objects with three lights there was a war in Europe and the world was in chaos and today there is a similar situation in Ukraine as we know and now you saw these flying objects. I do not know what it is about, but I could imagine all kinds of things.

Saw three red lights sitting in the night sky when I was a kid, was there for over 10 minutes.

I think you need a medication adjustment

yes, i have seen three lights in the night sky.

but that is a few years back now.
They wherent orange, just like stars yet moving. But as you say the velocity must have been
more than hundered KM/H yet they where slowing down when the came close to each other.
They stayed there for a while “like 15 seconds” and then flew off in different directions at a very very high speed.

i could have been comets or sattelites, yet there where was not trail.
and there behaviour was a bit odd, with that whole display of coming together at high speed and than a idle stop.While flying off in amazing high speed

if you ask me,taking much in consideration i am almost certain about a phenomenon that isnt yet explained.

I hope not, but it didn’t stay with the short sweat attack. My acetylcholine level has skyrocketed (especially in the CNS, I know how that feels like from supplements).

Nobody knows what the lights were. They could be anything from swamp gas to ufo’s including entities not bound to this world. You have to admit that unless you believe such things don’t exist. A friend once told me when he was going out his back door up in a tree was a small bright light which then proceeded to retreat into the distance. I told him it was likely an intelligence of some sort that made an appearance in our world.

Robert Monroe the adept at out of body projection wrote that after you’ve been going out of body for a time you begin to loose your human form. In the ob state that is. He said his favorite form to take in the ob state was a tear drop.

I find it wonderful to realize such things exist and think about what my place in the universe is and will be when I die.

People from the UK are reporting numerous fighter jets flying around the sky. :airplane:

Aliens would need to travel about five light years to get here and thats only from the closest star.

Whats that? five years to get here going 186,000 miles per second?!

Me don’t think they be aliens.

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I originally wanted to leave it open what these things were, but your argument rather speaks for “aliens”. Some sinple numbers: We have 100 billion stars in the galaxy, it is 100.000 lightyears in diameter, and the universe is 13.8 billion years old.
IMHO the impications are that

  1. Space is more like a cloud of plankton than cold and empty.
  2. Some of those out there are billions of years ahead of us.
    Personally I get more and more used to having added a cholinergic supplement (although I haven’t).

Must have been the lightning fast internet they keep promising us.
Think I’ll give my local provider a call, maybe it’s here.

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