Lifting weights

I sometimes think I am the only weightlifting schizophrenic out there…I am 5’6 and 170lbs. People dont really understand that lifting weights is a fixed action pattern, a behavior that is just like tying your shoes and so I kept lifting when I was psychotic…that and I was psychotic and angry, not peacefully listening to voices try to kill me.

Anyone else do this? Anyone else some sort of athlete? I feel like I am the only one who is really into a physical activity (I think Surprised J surfs and swims tho)


My Uncle and my Dad were swim coaches and lifeguards when they were younger men. All of us swim and my siblings have been or still are lifeguards. Swimming is just part of the family.

I surfed a lot when I was psychotic. I used to stick my head in the waves and just let the water slosh my head around. Plus paddling out far away from shore, no car horns, no people in groups walking behind me, no street noise… it gave me a bit of a break and I could catch my breath. I did it as long as I could keep my balance. I lost it for a bit, but it started coming back when I gave up drugs and drinking. I still have to work at it, but it’s getting easier every time.

Swimming was the same way. The only thing you hear is the light hum of the pool filters some times and the only thing you see is blue space with the black T line down the center of the lane. Blue space, black line, no noise… I needed to keep swimming when I wasn’t doing well. I would go for long distance because the voices somehow faded in the water. Plus I felt safe in the water. I never wanted to get out.

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I think exercise is underrated as a means to relieve symptoms! I felt less symptomatic and more in control of my mind when I was working out and unmedicated. I still feel better, in control and taking charge of my life when I lift heavy and beat the weights instead of letting them beat me. I remember going on a long run outdoors, unmedicated, and feeling so much better and having so much insight into my delusions while just running and thinking things through.

Long swims can get very meditative. The only thing to see is the black line. Even when the muscles want to give up, the brain doesn’t. Most pools around here are 25 yard pools, and it’s 21 strokes, flip turn, 21 strokes, flip turn, over and over again. It’s easy to get lost in the thoughts and after a while, the brain untangles and the panic fades. Then I’m so tired that I sleep like a log with no real dreams…. Ahhhh.

that’s what I love about exercise…the sleep. I remember being restless when I was psychotic, but enough exercise and I could finally sleep. Now I sleep pretty well, even take naps.

I love swimming but I don’t like crowded swimming pools, so I only swim in the sea when we go on holidays and it breaks my heart that can’t swim all the time, I was dancing for years but I don’t do that anymore, I’m not sure why, I only do walking, I walk about 3 to 6 km twice a week or more. No weightlifting for me I’m just a girl.

When I was lifting weights I felt great, My depression improved almost instantly. I felt like I was enjoying life more, my sex drive was even higher I don’t know the science behind it but it was working well. I was only working at beginner level weights and the change was remarkable.

I hurt my back a while ago and since then cant lift anymore, saying that I am desperate to find way to lift again. Maybe with a weight lifting belt and developing a stronger back with swimming.

I tried machines at the gym but they just don’t feel comfortable and I don’t feel like I am getting any benefit form them.

Anyway I am still feeling pretty good with swimming but would love to lift again in addition to the swimming.

I go to the gym 3-4 times/week. I do weight lifting and crosstrainer.

I don’t do it to get huge muscles. I do it to feel good and get stronger and crosstrainer for weight loss.

i love exercising too. I like to walk and other things like a little light weights.


p.s. glad to read that so many of us can enjoy exercises. thank goodness.

I lift weights. I do it about 3 times a day.

I lift weights three times a week. Its a big part of being well for me.

3x a day, eh? Are you a pro bodybuilder? lol

I go to the gym like a religious person would go to church. I hit the treadmill for cardio, and do benches, tri’s, bi’s, and back. I know if I did not have this outlet, My condition would degrade. My best bench was 315lb for 5 reps, now I’m more comfortable at 225lb x6 rep. I hate the people at the gym they start singing all loud and act like the place is theirs. Plus I can let out a lot of illness frustration. My lil bro won 3rd place recently in fitness category.


225 for 6 is good…im 170 and i can only press that three times. I take deadlifts and squats more seriously i guess

I have become too lazy and I should exercise much more. In the past three months when my toe wound has been treated I have not exercised at all. Maybe I start again.

I wish. I’ve just got a lot of free time…

I go to the gym once or twice a day, my medication just makes me lazy, i have built mucels, but my chest is messed up due to medication. Actually i might go to gym tomorrow.

deadlifts are really important as you know for core. Everytime I do them my lower back feels good for 3 days. I woke up this morning with lower back pain went to the gym and did some deads. You are really light for someone I presume is on a med that is weight gain. I love squats. Feels like they make my knees solid and glutes and hams. I just do my leg work on the treadmill nowadays though. If I were to squat I’d be sore for 3 days. I hate feeling sore not being able to move much.

I workout as well, love to shoot hoops, play some beach volleyball, and a pretty good soccer player.
i love sports. they make me feel good.

soreness is the best part! being sore means your muscles are torn and gonna grow back bigger and stronger