Life is too damn easy. It worries the hell out of me

Sorry, about the cussing. I forgot all about the 7 nuns and 5 monks who post here, I’ll tone it down.
But yeah, I experience really bad symptom most days. But things aren’t that bad in my life, sometimes it even seems like I am on a vacation in Hawaii (minus the Macadamia nuts and hula girls). The weather has been great lately, It’s fun walking down the street, I go out almost every day. People are leaving me alone, and people are friendly around here. Today was my day off so, I took care of some business and made some phone calls to my doctor, my insurance company, the pharmacy and maybe one or two other places. I’m keeping my affairs in order. But yeah, if bad times come, I will plod through and endure the misery and triumph in as short a time as possible. Yeah, I said Hawaii. Gilligan and the Skipper would be proud of me.


Hi @77nick77

Dont worry about what could be and try to appreciate the currency of your life which seems to be going well …take care Kate xxx


Thanks Katy, I hope life is treating you well today. Have a nice night.

Are you saying you are ready for a new challenge?


I think you’re awesome @77nick77 you seem to be stable and have your life in order. just going outside is a challenge for me.


It might be a good idea.

Thanks cbbrown. …I bet your chafing at the bit to leave the people you live with. Good luck to you.

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Why ruin what’s not broken? My life is easy too, but it wasn’t in the past, so I count my blessings now.

We’re blessed with good lives, that’s a great thing.


It’s amazing how if you don’t mess up, they leave you alone. Life is easy for me right now too, but I manufacture difficulties. I can’t let my life get too good. I rarely leave the auspices of the assisted living center where I leave, unless you count walking the 1/3 mile to the post office and back. I’m going on an outing with my brother today. We’re going to see The Crystal Bridges museum in Bentonville, Arkansas. It’s filled entirely with American art - a mixture of traditional and modern. That place knocks me out. It cost a billion dollars to make it.


It’s weird, when I’m doing alright it seems all too easy indeed… suspiciously so. Some things will show up that obviously need to be done, and when I just do them, they’re not a big deal either. I’ll need to get some groceries, so I go to the store. I’ll need to call someone, and poof, it’s done and I got another thing taken care of. Life in these times is no puzzle or anything, it is often quite clear what needs to be done, and just doing it will have me end up actually living… in the good periods, life broken down into small and simple obvious tasks is almost too simple… It appears to me as if this couldn’t be it… as if I must be overlooking something, simplifying things too much… Surely, some major issue that I overlooked in doing so must come back at me at some point, I’ll be sorry for making things too simple soon… like I’m living on a credit and forgot about the interest I’ll have to pay some time.


Yes, that’s a good point of course, Minnii. But nevertheless, I have that little nagging thought going through my head that says, “This is too good to be true”.


You are so lucky. I’m very happy for you…This is how it should work.

Guess it should be mentioned, some job markets don’t always run okay for some people just due to local troublemakers. Getting a job female here and alone will get someone ruined by sex harassment or hostile work environment, fired without unemployment and sometimes chased down to land you as ‘Jesus’ maneuver. (Never a good thing to here the Lord’s name by the sickos here, means trouble.)

My hometown is too screwed up to leave the women alone…Had women talking porn to me lately, disgusting stuff said around me. Last year, I caught second case of crazy from NA/AA group that me where I worked and they are filthier talking than the sex abuser group I caught first after my selective amnesia started to flare & I got quacked up. Doesn’t give me a thrill…Doesn’t really matter anyway as the city publicly blacked balled us out with cursing out and thrown out of networking. Is very pre-planned and orderly here. I’m glad you are doing better after seeing more than one person say the social worker screwed them out of their Section-8 without 1 days notice or fellow tenants were working to get a schizo evicted.

Restraining order court was busted here years ago due to the long-term sex abuse the cops all ignored for 30 years. So things can work other ways for some. Ask around first before you take FT & give up your check. Also VERY helpful to keep relationship as two people sometimes live cheaper than one so you have backup resources if something goes bad for you…Emergency fund highly recommended and may be legal now if you are on Medicaid.

I’ve been thinking about my number, the amount of time I have before the Sz gets worse. Is it a year, two years, a month? I have been under different kinds of stress lately. I feel restless, but the struggles here remind me that I have to press forward.

You could have a challenge. Would you like to date someone? You’d have us here to bounce ideas off of. Why not ask a woman out? It’s just an idea.

I was joking about this being my new dating site (relating to an article about people with mental illness coupling up at a high rate).