Life is easy; comedy is hard

It was said by a famous comedian. It’s not true but it’s a classic line.

It is hard to not take life too seriously. After all - it’s your life on the line.


It’s because Life is so hard that comedy becomes easy.

Don’t you think?

I think it might be a little hard to be spontaneously funny, but
that’s why they pay the big bucks to Jon Stewart and Conan OBrien.

life just happens as I’m trying to find the funny.

Sometimes trying to find the funny makes me actually look at life.

I sometimes succumb to the psychosis and laugh like a maniac because it’s all a joke.

Anyone ever read Watchmen? It’s like that scene with the Comedian. I break down and just think it’s all a joke, but I seem so strong on the outside.

One teacher from the international high school I attended told me that unless we keep a sense of humor, life is just suffering, he told me this after graduation.

Here I am waiting for my antipsychotic meds I just took to kick in while listening to Eminem, whose wit makes me smile and laugh. It’s just tragic and ■■■■■■ up if I can’t laugh about it.

There are observations that make me wonder and smile a lot…

Really? And I bet they are going to be ticked because all the stair master machines are taken.