I want your opinion on a new tagline I am considering

“Life and schizophrenia is easy, comedy is hard”.

My own opinion is that it is funny but it might offend some people, and I can see that… I guess it borders on being inappropriate. Feedback? Anyone?


I see the humor,

But saying schizophrenia is easy is going to offend some people.

Just giving honest feedback.

As usual,

I promise to find it funny regardless of how offensive…


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Watch out for the normies.

It’s too long for the mobile app.


I get it. Not offensive, to me at least.

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A stand upper comediant said that you can joke about anything in an appropeiat medium


You can joke about sz with some people, with some not, depends if they have humor, I use to joke about my illness but only with close friends


I don’t know you that well but from knowing you a little bit I somehow suspected you would say exactly that.


Comedy is indeed hard! I don’t mind it!

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