Life is funny, but, is it for me?

There isn’t much choice, is there? when every morning I wake up breathing.
Live until you die?
Not much else I can do.
It’s just the waiting, it’s the hardest part.

I try to find something useful to do . . .

you can do anything you like, if you have free time you can do anything…find new hobbies or passion.

Well, yes, live until you die because there’s nothing more difficult than overcoming a failed suicide attempt. A pastor once told me that if we got what we deserved, we’d all be dead. So, I don’t even think about being worthy. I’m just living a day at a time myself.

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Or make the best out of it. I don’t hang my mouth open breathing thinking if this life is for me or not. I didn’t understand most of what my pastor was saying. I feel worthy as a person. Because when you die, that is it. No regrets right?

i take life one day at a time, i thought i saw an alien outside last night so i went out with my torch, nope, just a white steer, so i thought to myself i guess i am getting up again tomorrow !
take care

If you have regrets when you die, would it matter?
Just thinking…

I don’t think it would.

i thought up of the slogan:
life stinks…
literally and figurally

well there isnt much choice, killing yourself has an automatic failsafe,
it prohibits you killing yourself easily.

Life cannot enjoyed properly if you hear voices like me around the clock.

Life for me is a desperate struggle. Some days are shitty and some average at best. The reason is I am harassed by a mean voice and it affects how I feel.

If I could rate living out of 10 I would give it a 3 or possibly a 4.

I watched this weird short scifi film on vimeo about this group of people who pondered the meaning of why when they were young, time seemed to go so slow. And now that they’re older, time goes by quickly. They tried making it so that it was the same as when they were young. They wanted time to move more slowly… So they invented this box contraption that, when hooked up to the temples, slowed down time again. And each one of them, one by one, would search for their most enjoyable moments, and then turn on the machine. Which kept them there indefinitely. All but the last one… a woman. Who, upon realizing that all her friends were gone in their moments, she was all alone.