Life is a Journey, don't wander from the path

Life is a journey along a certain path,

dont wander from the path, i wandered and i was Lost desperately searching for a way back on to my path again,

you can get back on the path

I feel like i have found my feet again and i am now on firmer ground, i must be on the right path again,


I agree with you about finding a path but sometimes swimming against the stream let’s us truly know the river.

Sorry, but that’s where the best stuff is. Can’t imagine where I’d be if I’d stayed on the, “don’t try, you won’t ever recover” path my first pdocs said to stick to.


you were probably lost, you sound like you are back on the right path for a while now anyway so well done,

I dont know what to say to people still struggling, i guess all i can say is keep trying, keep going,

I think as long as you are moving forward then you are on the right path :slight_smile:

I was in a psych ward wearing a diaper, how the hell else do you describe that?

I’ve spent most of my recovery with people telling me not to push the boundaries. Yeah, right. The whole point of a brick wall is a sledgehammer. Stand aside if you don’t want to get hurt.


i think they used a different approach with me but idk what that was, i cant remember anyone ever telling me i cant do this or that, it was all about support and medication

Hope was with me all the way through, idk where the hope came from but i am lucky i had that little bit, i never gave up hope.

I don’t think there are paths in life.

I think people tell you there are when you’re younger,

But its a myth.

You have to carve your own way out of the Earth.


All I know is that Life isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.


Fck the path, I’m plowing through the cornfields.


I know what you mean, I feel like I’m on the right path again too. It’s like I’ve been interrupted and I’ve finally started my journey again.

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then that is your path :slight_smile:

slow and steady wins the race is what they say :slight_smile:

A very Taoist concept @Resilient1 . let you walk in old paths…pretty much a taoist maxim. :slight_smile:

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I think its ok but we need to know where we are going, maybe we need a better compass, i wouldnt tread in old ground though, leave the past in the past and look outward to the horizon

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