A nice quote


If you are walking on a path thick with brambles and rocks, a path that abruptly twists and turns, it’s easy to get lost, or tired, or discouraged. You might be tempted to give up entirely. But if a kind and patient person comes along and takes your hand, saying, “I see you’re having a hard time- here, follow me, I’ll help you find your way,” the path becomes manageable, the journey less frightening" Elyn Saks

Isn’t that what we need sometimes. An affirmation that we are on the right path and a hand to shake and guide.

It’s almost 4 am here in Jordan on the other side of the world and jujust wanted to wish you all a good day.


I’m going through a hard time. I’ve missed a few appointments. I was worried. But my older sister told me," You have to get out of the house more (tonight I went for a walk and talked to a neighbor)". BUT, she also said, " You are doing a lot of things right". I needed to hear that.