Life Expectancy

So that new med for dementia treatment because regular antipsychotics kill the elderly. Most effective against severe psychosis, anyone recall the name? Licenced in USA only for now?

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I’m not 100% sure I know what you’re referring to but I know dementia psychosis isn’t the same as sz psychosis. They have totally different causes so the treatments don’t work for the other.

Is it BAN2401 ??


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I don’t know, but this sounds like a horrible exchange- your life or your sanity. One of my friends was just put in memory care for dementia.


Currently approved for Parkinson’s psychosis but they’re studying it for schizophrenia too.

I have a good friend who has both sza and Alzheimer’s. I wonder what kind of AP she’s on now? She also has emphysema, and gallbladder cancer.

I’m not sure. I’ve never looked into medications for Alzheimer but I do know anti psychotics can kill them, or certain ones

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My friend is in hospice care in an assisted living facility.

Might be it. Antipsychotics kill you in the end, hence my interest. None of us make old bones, fact.

What is the average age of death for SZ people who take anti psychotics

How do they kill you? I though sz’s/sza’s die young because of their unhealthy lifestyles and suicidal behavior, not the AP’s. Enlighten me @fleamour.


I heard you not live beyond 60 hence new drugs developed for dementia psychosis.

I would love to be wrong?!?

But as far as I know, John Nash was 87 and he died in a car accident - he could live longer…

Maybe I’m plain wrong?!?

I think considering someone is not smoking etc., life expectancy is similar to normal. To be honest I think cigs so popular amongst ppl with schizophrenia, shorten significantly life.