Whats our lifespan?

hello. im just wondering if being sz or on anti psy medication reduces our life expecentisy (sorry for the bad spelling)

Yes, depending on where you read it our average life expectancy is 10-15 years less than the average lifespan. You can increase your life span (and I personally am not doing all these) by eating healthy, exercising, getting enough sleep, and cutting out drugs, alcohol and smoking. As a group we tend to live sedentary lives, we smoke WAY more than the average non-schizophrenic population and we are more likely to have chemical dependencies. Our lifestyle makes us more prone to getting diabetes and increases our chances of having heart problems. Being overweight increases our chances of having serious health problems.
Off the top of my head I think I read somewhere that just losing 5-10 lbs can dramatically lessen yoiur chances of getting diabetes.
Depressing facts but it’s reality.


coz of the medication i have high cholestrol and diabeties. depressing. but this may be as good as it gets for me

Both can be managed. Doesn’t your doctor think you should be on a medication that lowers cholesterol?

My psychiatrist was honest enough and human enough to warn me of the dire consequences that some of these psych meds have on my physical health - she told me that unless it is an emergency, she will not add harmful meds to my cocktail unless she absolutely has to - Psychiatric medications cause a bunch of harmful side effects to our bodies, including metabolic, liver, kidney issues and more - Through exercise, healthy eating, good sleep, abstaining from alcohol and drugs we can lengthen our lifespan - Nick is right


i am on meds for my diabeties and choloserol and are all stable now :slight_smile:

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I agree. Just judging from my own experience I’d be willing to bet that the med’s by themselves take years off our life spans, I lost a lot of physical strength when they put me on a major tranquilizer. I have a real hard time dealing with the weather, too. Simple jobs like mowing the lawn are a lot harder.

So far I am holding my own, but the meds sure mess with my body.

Somedays I feel good and think I’ll reach 75. Other days I feel bad and I think 60…maybe 65… who knows. I’m trying to get the weight down and I’m drinking my cholesterol and diabetes pills.

OK, when you read about the “average life expectancy” of people with sz, that includes the people, mostly young men, who commit suicide in the first couple of years after diagnosis. That’s what drops the “average life expectancy” so dramatically. Sure, drugs have side effects, but the main thing is not to kill yourself before you get better! That sounds flippant, but it’s true. Most people who get treatment get better. If they have good social support they can and do reach a stage where they are well and completely without symptoms.

But not if they kill themselves first. Stick it out and take care of your health and you’ll live longer and better than many people without sz. Don’t despair in a relapse. We want you to stick around. (That’s also why families like you to stay on the meds.)

I have had diabetes for 46 years and I am still well, thank God. My father was schizotypal/undiagnosed sz and had diabetes and lived to 83. But we are a family of health nuts. Good cooking, maintain a good weight, exercise, take supplements, have hobbies - that’s our way.

When I was young I was convinced I would be the first of my age band to die. Apparently not, I see now. I’ve already outlived quite a few of my generation, and, again, thank God, I’m still going strong. The older I get, the stricter I get with my health routines, though. Statistics are averages. You can buck the average by your self-care, or lack of it.


I hear those anti psychotics cause problems for the heart, so its another reason I don’t take them.

Many do. They also (along with other meds) tamper with brain function, cause overweight which in turn leads to physical problems. That coupled with an increased suicide rate lowers life expectancy, plus I hear many Sz people smoke a lot and that doesn’t help either.
If more people would try alternative measures like a major dietary change, exercise and such, it would increase life span…
I know some people with SZ do not eat right and some have problems preparing their own meals, or just eat fast food and other junk that lowers life expectancy.

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I think about what I want to do in whatever time that I have left. I’ve been on various mental pills for so long. I am still controlling my diabetes day by day. I take meds for triglycerides + to prevent a heart attack or stroke I haven’t tried lifestyle changes for those. One thing at a time. I have more than enough to do as it is. Give me room to just breathe.

My lifespan is 40 according to the median age of death amongst those people who have my heart condition. I’m 45 and feel like I’ve got a lot of years left. Not something I worry about now as much as I used to. :smile: