Lies/ people on bench


As soon as I walked out my apt to go visit my dad people who live here started talking ■■■■ about me so I just walked on. I’m waiting for them to go in. That girl…blah. ■■■■ you.


your brain is lying to you…nobody is talking ■■■■ about you !! you are imagining it !! please tell your pdoc.


I was in my house next to an open window when I had an intrusive thought (it wasn’t even that bad,) and some random woman outside said “That’s evil. You’re evil!” and that totally infuriated me. I hate the thought broadcasting delusion so much!


Yep it’s all delusions. Being yelled at everyday. Watch out I’m ■■■■■■■ everything . I’m a hoe whore ■■■■ lesbian bitchall in my head. It’s not possible to be harassed because everything is sza.


well I hope you realize it’s all in your head…man, I wish you would stabilize…


I give up hope a long ago.


it’s the meds you’re on @roxanna !! work with your pdoc …you can be stable !! don’t give up !!


You need new meds or med adjustment. Your meds don’t work


Probably an adjustment for daytime.


I fear talk bad about me too

but never within earshot

that can really suck to suspect that


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