Lexapro questions

My wife just started taking lexapro. What were your reactions to it in terms of depression, anxiety, ocd or anything else that comes to mind? Thanks

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Ive been on it for about 11 years. It definitely helps with getting out of bed. Anxiety is down to a minimum and it helps with negative thinking.

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What dose do you take? @DNA
And do you take it at morning or night?

15mg and at morning.

Its wise to start it at night as it can cause dizziness and sedation when first starting.

It goes away after a week or 2.

I have been on Lexapro 10 mg for about four years. My previous AD had stopped working so we switched to Lexapro. It completely controls my depression with no side effects. I take it at night.

I was on it for about four years sporadically. Usually switching up between 5 and 10mg as needed.

I got a bad rebound effect after coming off it onetime and had suicidal ideation (not thoughts of, or planning). That scared me, but other than that it’s a great med which really improved my mood.

I quit Lexapro cold turkey because my pharmacy told me that combined with another med I was taking at the time could kill me and they said to stop taking it immediately. I couldnt contact my pdoc for a few days, and when I did she told me that the information the pharmacy had was old and the risk is incredibly small.

I had the brain zap from withdrawal, which is one of the weirdest feelings ever.

I’m on cymbalta now, and the lexapro stopped working for me after a year and a half. Cymbalta is a better fit for me personally, but a lot of people swear by lexapro.

That was just bad advice from the pharmacy, and no one should NEVER quit cold turkey on ANY psych meds unless directed to do so by your pdoc.

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