Lets talk delusions

*I always see gold ,red, and white lights. I believe these lights are from the government producing the lights to my brain and it comes out of my eyes, The government has zapped me with radiation and has released alien life upon me. I can remember a few months back my head was really hot and started to burn outside and I came in I saw a man running around my bed. The voices said they want me to die of a heart attack they could arrange it I couldn’t tell the difference between the tow worlds fantasy and reality because the government fried my brain, So I listened to them and I saw more men and I fought them off of me but they keep on attacking me in the kitchen watching me die, The voices can see through eyes and know where I go out at all times. I will leave the room and I can hear voices telling me why didn’t you leave earlier I’m like how did you know that, I sometimes see larger spiders or snarling wolves. once I saw a whole bunch of them and they looked so evil they were so close to me, The government knows my brain chemicals with a tool or device that they use to track my brain waves, I sometimes can’t determine if i’m being lied to or controlled.

Delusions suuuuuckkk

There’s a demon that’s job is to get me to hell. It wants me to kill myself. It basically follows me around and just twists my mind all the time. I was abused horribly at my old house by them. They poisoned me and I can feel the sickness in my spirit all the time and I can’t get it out so I feel dirty and evil all the time.

It has minions around me all the time to keep an eye on me. And they can invade my dreams too which is frustrating. I’m getting better at fighting them now though and they can’t hurt me as bad anymore. I know none of this can be real but it’s not easy to feel that way when you’re literally speaking with these things and seeing them whenever you close your eyes, you know?

To me it feels as though the devil runs this earth. I see him everywhere, taunting me. It’s hugely frustrating because I just want other people to see him too so they can avoid him and be safe. But I don’t know if that would work because I see him and it only makes me sad and scared all the time.

They say I’m still delusional but I’m on the fence. She’s not a real doctor I don’t think but she does know psychology. Sometimes I have derealization I guess.

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I am delusional. The demon is out to get me my voices tell me everyday and I see a demon follow me everyday. One of its demon followers stairs at my with these bright lights it sucks big time.

Sometimes when I hear voices I can’t tell if it’s really someone talking to me or if it’s delusional.

Well I don’t believe in demons, but I’d imagine them being scary!