Lets make the point about Cannabis every now and then - LOUDLY

it causes Schizophrenia

4x more likely in those that smoke it regularly

I and my sister used drugs (cannabis included)

We both got schizophrenia

She was killed in an accident While Psychotic




For me it feels like I imagine tripping on acid would feel like… I smoked a year before diagnosed and never had those effects off it till I started hearing voices… It screws up reality for me! I oppose it for those with sz…


From what I heard THC causes psychosis in 25% of those genetically predisposed…

4x the chance in general is kind of obtuse… I know countless stoners/potheads/users that smoked as much and continue to smoke alongside other drugs… and unfortunately I’m the only one in my personal life who developed psychosis… there was one other but he never had hallucinations… beyond that it’s just me.

I’m sorry to hear about your sister and I do agree that pot consumption is bad for people… more over there personalities and sociability… though that is a mixed bag.

Regarding people with psychosis… I’m actually impressed that some people can still smoke the stuff. As I tried while post-psychotic and it was nearly impossible to enjoy or even maintain any sense of sanity. I also knew that if it became a regular thing I would most certainly wind up totally lost and dependent (as I was before psychosis) on a substance that disconnects me from sober human beings and messes with my natural chemistry.

Any case… drugs are fine… drug habits aren’t… my two cents as a caffeinated alcoholic who smoke too much tobacco…


it caused psychosis/dissociation for me, this lasted about a year, before i knew what psychosis really was.

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I know that 4 in a hundred doesn’t still sound like bad odds compared with 1 in 100

its not insignificant

i wish i could make drugs go away

and how many here think it’s been drug induced in Their Case

I was committed for the first time in Jan, 1963 because of psychosis caused by, among other things, a bag of marijuana. Also previous Hashish use and marijuana use had made me paranoid.


after being on meds for 2 1/2 years I can say now I can have a joint on occasion safely…when it is legal I will smoke it

I went to Washington and it was legal and I bought two joints. 32% thc and it didn’t make me paranoid at all.

I like weed what can I say…I think prohibition is the real problem.

If I can go to the store and buy a joint once every Friday night…I don’t have problems …it’s when I’m forced to buy an eighth and end up smoking it daily… I have problems and it starts playing tricks with my head. The meds have healed my mind over time and I can tolerate an occasional joint…

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You think you can tolerate weed. It might be like alcohol to an alcoholic. They have to go to AA. Weed is known from research to be a trigger for psychosis. I wouldn’t boast about something that powerfully addictive and dangerous to your health.


Even my extremely liberal, free-thinking son won’t touch pot. He’s done his research and knows it would be dangerous for him (he has sz). I work with teenagers who ofcourse think they’re invincible. I tell them not to do any mind-altering drugs because you never know if you get your mind back when you give it away. No guarantees. They don’t listen…