Let's listen to Becca's advice

Continuing the discussion from Closed Poll: Is hearing voices fun? Is it a game?:

I took part in it, and now realize that how wrong I was.

Do you strongly agree with Becca’s advice not to “stimulate hallucinating voices by encouraging to play games with them”?


Yes I do no need to play with fire.

Me to…

I agree. I don’t think it’s healthy to encourage delusions or hallucinations. Or even promoting negative emotions. Sometimes my boyfriend will be depressed, so he’ll listen to depressing music, and I’ll yell at him because that only makes him feel worse.

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Saw that and had similar thoughts on it before she posts. Seriously limiting what i have been posting since I had. As a newbie finding it quite hard as seems to be little structure or control for it here. Thinking on it I would put it down to the site being fairly new and everyone still trying to find their way through the chaos after the change from old to new format.

If you are just watching bec was sorry to hear you leave like that but honestly very unstandable.


I think that there are a handful of trolls on here. That much is obvious. This does not apply to the trolls. They should feel ashamed and hopefully mature to the point they no longer have to troll ND forums.

As far as playing “games” with the voices, have at it, if you must. The voices are there, no point trying to pretend like they are not. Maybe by poking fun at them, one takes power away from them. Maybe one learns something that could never be brought to light in therapy. Some subscribe to the theory that you SHOULD listen and attempt to understand why they are there.

I myself do not subscribe to that theory (although I do believe sometimes that the delusions/hallucinations may reveal an underlying anxiety/fear). But who am I to tell another what is “right” or “wrong” with their approach? One thing I’ve learned during all my research, no two cases of psychotic disorders are the same. What works for one, may be very bad for another.

I liked Beccas posts. She seemed like a good member here. What’s “mind-boggling” and “turns my stomach”, is that because one disagrees with something, something that hurts their heart, they bail. Taking away their contributions here that may help others.





This is the primary objective of this website:

To quickly improve the lives of individuals and families suffering from schizophrenia by providing high quality (science-based) information, as well as support and education, research and discussions on all relevant topics. - http://schizophrenia.com/?page_id=73

I do not speak for @SzAdmin, but I would imagine that the primary objective of this site also applies to this forum. Science based information, support and education.

It is good to share experiences. It’s great to know that others are going through the same issues. It is not good though to reinforce sickness. We are here to share and grow, to support each other in recovery. It is not a site to feed into the sickness of others or drag them down into madness.


So who decides what is “support” and what is “feeding into the sickness”?

I never heard of people ‘playing games’ with their voices - if healthy minded people are involved especially - its outrageous


I would think the admins and moderators would be the final word. Also, those of us who are stable and have a better grip on reality should discourage these non-reality based threads.

It’s not rocket science. Over 200 posts claiming that those voices are aliens, ancient Egyptian psi-vampires and other such things clearly aren’t science or reality based.

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Again, I never participated in that thread, nor do believe that “voices” are much more than hallucinations. I am also aware of trolls being on site.

That said, there is a science based theory involved with listening to the voices. See some links I posted above. I may not agree 100%, but I also can’t write it off as it does have some merit and some non-rocket scientific backing.

My biggest peeve isn’t the disagreement between support vs enable, it is when others turn tail and run, because it isn’t what they THINK is best.


I think the reaction is wreaking more havoc than anything “ask the aliens” could have done. :frowning:

I haven’t read Becca’s post yet, but from what I read of others, it seems to be a heavy reaction making a mountain out of something that isn’t even a molehill… I’m in agreeance with @Illusionary … if it is just voices, there’s nothing wrong with poking it with a stick. This is really the process of weighing truths, to find out what’s real and what’s not. To continue this game, when it’s not real, means that the person, and the persons involved need help. It doesn’t mean that it’s their goal in life to chase rabbits. THIS is why we’re here. It’s a safehouse, not some holy ground.


Speaking only for myself… I find that my discomfort, and horror even, from watching others ‘play with their voices’ comes from my own past experiences with other SZs. Whenever I have participated in group programs for SZs, the ones who have made the least progress – or NO progress – have invariably been the ones who just can’t stop poking their symptoms with sticks or those who have to wear their diagnoses like Joseph’s coat of many colours for all the world to see. This crowd just never seems to get better.

While my evidence is anecdotal, to be sure, it just freaks me the heck out when I see people playing games that can feed into delusions and ramp up symptoms.



It goes beyond Schizophrenia into a separate sickness that thinks voices are “fun” or that others should encourage people who are hearing them. You are a sick troll if you want to see someone suffer more when you are healthy. I make no promises to be nice to trolls and bullies.


Listen (I just have to respond because I read my name on this thread)…

You said; “it is when others turn tail and run, because it isn’t what they THINK is best”

You are right; indeed I think it’s not the best idea to play games with voices. That I “turn tail and run” is solely because I not do not give up or turn away from my inner standard & beliefs… and I do not feel the need to butt-heads with some people here with adversity.

Would you rather not focus on recovery from hallucinations?
Or would you rather play games with them- which can increase (those auditory) hallucinations and further enforce distortion and loose (more) contact with reality?

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