Closed Poll: Is hearing voices fun? Is it a game?

Depends on the voices. Some I speak with are very kind, loving and wise. I always come away with soemthing after speaking with them. Other ones are very awful that always leave me confused, scared and upset. I wouldn’t call it a “game” at all though. Sometimes I like having conversations with my voices and find it enjoyable, but other times it gets so overwhelming I just want peace and quiet.

Awesome. I have seen that site before…

I thought they were informative and educational.
Also, while some voices may be in the head, some are also real…they do exist…except they are usually not ‘people’ in the 3D sense. they are passed on or are spirits or angels. these beings have been heard for millenia. They are recorded in every religious texts. They have also proven themselves by giving accurate predictions and knowledge, as well as performing tasks given them to the letter.
So what really needs to happen is people have to start discerning what is real and what is not.

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Schizophrenia has been around for millennia

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“Hearing Voices groups provide a safe place to talk about your experiences. You may feel that sometimes these experiences are very distressing and overwhelming, but sharing this can help.”

No, it really doesn’t help.

I’ve never been active in those groups…just vaguely aware of them.

I agree that playing “talk to the voices in my head” games is on the bizarre side and not conducive to wellness…but I do believe sharing one’s experience with others experiencing similar things can be of benefit.

In many cultures and religions people have come forward telling of voices and guidance given through angels and guides. The shaman and many others found at early ages said to have this gift were elevated in their societies and given the power to heal and remove evil spirits and guide the good souls to final rest or rebirth. Religions around the world have told stories and accounts of people that are able to bridge this world with the dead. Jesus and many other proclaimed prophet’s of the christian faith received messages from god and angles to tell the story of the bible, were these men schizophrenics. There are many numerous people around the internet that claim to speak directly to alien alliances and those who channel these voices are they also schizophrenics. I can see many afflictions amongst many people here all suffering from all ranges of problems, but I also see something else here that is not schizophrenic related but may be something altogether different.

Now I hear these voices and do not try to silence them but to understand them, I do not lead them to my beliefs and my thoughts about thoughts but rather listen to them and find they are only finding our truths to be their truths. If you believe you are talking to aliens they become aliens, if you believe they are vampires they will become vampires. The problem is they try and balance things also so they will see you afraid of vampires but liking vampires but will add another personality to offset your fear.

The problem with western culture is we do not teach spirituality or try and teach those with this affinity to understand their connection to another plain of existence.



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I agree that it is good to connect with others, but for me it only makes it worse to think about it. I’ve only recently come into contact with my past on a deeper level. I wish it would stay buried, but maybe it’s not for the best. Maybe I should face it and realize that it could easily come back. In that way I’ll be more prepared to carpe diem instead of sieze up.

I only glanced at the site. I’m sure it helps a lot of people. I’m sorry for judging.

I can see how it would be better to accept something that you can’t control (even with medication). I’ll bookmark it just in case. :smile:

Good post! I was just discussing this with my GF a few minutes ago… “Not all voices are hallucinations…” It might be a good idea to have a poll or just a discussion about belief systems and who believes their voices are delusions of the brain, or are external entities operating in another dimension. Truth is that BOTH happen. The problem is when people define everything as hallucination and sickness, or on the flip side, define everything as some spirit or demon. In some cases it is in the brain but in some cases it is in the spirit.
While I have heard a lot about respecting others religious beliefs, at the same time i see a persecution of those beliefs if the same people are saying the voices of angels and demons and aliens is a sickness and not real. The majority of the psychiatric belief system denies the reality of the the spirit, therefore it becomes an opposing belief system.

Which leaves me having to comfort and reassure the angels that cry to show them at least someone is still here who recognizes them…

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Horseshit. :shit:

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Can someone close this thread before @e_lunaseer fills it with delusional posts about aliens and such like he does to almost every thread?

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I strongly agree with @mortimermouse and @Malvok
Although I find some “games” on here heart-wrenching when it comes to “ask the voices” games, I find it even more disturbing that people with a healthy brain would actually encourage diagnosed people to play games with their delusional voices… This my mind can not comprehend -and it’s for this reason that I’m out as well… (Because all of the sudden these healthy people don’t come across as reliable -to me- anymore)
Maybe this is my logic talking but hey…
Adios y besitos a todos xx

I don’t know why you would call them delusional. that basically just proves what i said in my previous post about belief systems. Calling the fact BOTH brain actions or external entities are real horse dung is just denying a belief system. I don’t deny some experience is from the brain so do not understand why people deny there could be external entities.
Thousands of years of record of this as Powessy talked about, and not all those people who experienced communications with other worlds were SZ or mentally ill… in fact many times they were respected.

I’ve posted numerous photos of UFOs here, some I took or my wife took and others are NASA pics…never altered except to enlarge or i posted the spectograph analysis pics which again only prove it more. How can they be delusional? The cameras involved are not prone to delusions and the photos have never been explained for anything other than what they show…saucer or seed shaped flying craft…

It’s just amazing when people say those are not real. It’s also amazing when people dismiss my late wifes experiences that had actual medical evidence to back them up, or the fact she has manifested things out of thin air after she died, not just to me but to another person 1000 miles away too…material objects associated with her manifest in physical form out of nowhere…how can these things possibly be delusions?

rational thinkers would even say if something appears like that then SOMETHING PROFOUND and paranormal is going on for sure.

I’m just going to make one last post concerning this thread.

Our right to be healthy trumps your right to be ill.

@Malvok @SzAdmin
Do you know how to delete my account?

I’m afraid it can’t be deleted. It’s just the way the forum software was written.

Oh :frowning: 15 characters

oh yeah brilliant game wasn’t it, party hats all round hahaha (sarcasm)

hearing voices is like playing musical chairs only somebody steals the chair haha like being paranoid is like playing pass the bomb only the bomb is ticking and it is ready to go off or you could say being delusional is like going to church only to worship a satanic God lol.

Probably because I can do math. There’s a HUGE difference between something being possible and something being plausible. Aliens possible? Sure. Aliens expending the energy and mass from an entire solar system to cross our galaxy just to insert rectal probes into freaky looking people and do after hours bovine experimentation? Sorry, not buying that, it’s not the least bit plausible. I no longer believe.

More to the point, I no longer want to believe. I like being healthy - my life is more enjoyable now.


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Exactly. It truly hurts my heart to read these delusions, but even more that these threads are (strangely enough) encouraged by the ones with a healthy mind. This is mind-boggling to me. It turns my stomach…
Again: my major focus would be on maintaining and promoting wellness and preventing relapse. Let alone stimulate hallucinating voices by encouraging to play games with them…