How do you get rid of guilt?

Can anyone answer me that? I thought it would be gone by now, but I guess not.


When I feel intense guilt it usually helps me to think about how I can do better going forward. It’s not a cure-all of course and not necessarily applicable to all instances of guilt. I also try to remind myself of our inherent imperfection as human beings.

May I ask what it is you’re feeling guilty about?
If you’d rather not answer, no worries. :heart:

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I wish I knew. If you find a way let me know.

Its impossible to get rid of guilt.

Im yet to find a way.

And guilt can eat a person alive.

Its a terrible thing !!!

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Let it go, it’s too heavy. Forgive yourself. You did the best you could do at the time. You learned from your mistakes and have regrets, that shows you’ve grown. Unless you’re hurting others intentionally you have nothing to feel guilty about.


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What I did was the right thing in the sense that it was the least wrong of two options. Still, I hurt someone, and that’s not right to them. There was really no good choice, but this person trusted me, and either way you spin it, I exploited that trust. I’d do it again, because the alternative was worse, but I still feel like shít. Once I manage to fall asleep, I stay asleep, but I dread actually shutting everything off and laying down because then I can’t help but think about my actions and their potentially negative consequences. Like I don’t even know if this person has anyone to talk to anymore. I’m afraid that this person might make an attempt on their life, and there’s no way for me to do anything to prevent it.

I keep telling myself that I did what I had to do, that if they didn’t want to risk this then they should’ve changed their behavior, that any further action taken by this person isn’t my fault, but that’s not working, and it’ll never work, because the fact of the matter is that I feel responsible for anything bad that might happen to this person from here on out. Like seriously, what if this person kills themselves? Then what? What happens to anyone who may care about them? It’s my fault. I do want to live my life, but will this always be in the background? Should it always be in the background?

People always say to be kind to yourself and shít, but I feel like that’s making it worse. Like, “Sardonic, you’re such a loving person. Oh, and by the way, you fúcking murdered your friend…” I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Guilt always hangs around me too. It’s hard to deal with.

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Guilt usually is about the past, the best thing you can do is let go of the past and look to the future.

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WHen I feel guilty It feels gross but I just wait it out. It usually only lasts 6-12 hours. To deal with it, I tell myself it’s good I feel remorse as this tells me I have a conscious and am not a sociopath.

We’re all animals just bumping into each other trying to get food, nothing’s really your fault. Process it like a dog does, feel guilty for 5 minutes then forget about it. I have a lot of problems but guilt is never one of them, I’m schizophrenic, I get a pass.

I’m trying to just say “Don’t judge yourself”, it’s all I do sometimes and needs to stop. Focus on your physical being more and get out of your head if it gets bad.

I feel guilty about having hated my adopted brother. I used to lie and say I loved him. He was mean but I think I also blame him for my mean father. Now, my brother has died and I need to set my mind straight about my fear of all men.
What you can do about guilt is make sure your mistake doesn’t affect future relationships. That’s where I’m at. A new look at men.

It won’t go away. Nothing makes it better.

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