Layer upon layer: thermoregulation in schizophrenia

This isn’t exactly new news but it’s new to me, so I decided to share.

SCZs have trouble regulating their body temperature

This is a problem because body temperature controls circadian rhythms for the whole body

And Circadian rhythm dysfunction is linked strongly to mental illness

I don’t know what the moral is but I guess this (body temperature/Circadian rhythm dysfunction) another piece of the SCZ puzzle.

I also read a little that chronic stress can cause body temperature dysfunction. I couldn’t draw a clear connection though. It would certainly make a lot of sense if true.

Stress leads to body temp dysfunction. Body temp dysfunction messes up Circadian rhythms. Dysfunction Circadian rhythms leads to a lack of sleep which leads to more stress. IDK . . .

It’s 73 in the apartment right now and I’m snuggled under a blanket and still cold


I’m always cold now except at night when I get hot flashes. But as soon as the hot flashes are gone, I go right back to freezing


@CoCo. It depends how hot or cold it is… I hope it’s not to hot on my wedding day


i personally think it may be simply that hallucinating and having delusions makes us tense and ofcourse tense muscles will always over heat.

Marked rigidity is a known “symptom”

Hallucinations ofcourse will also make us loose sleep.

Actually being tense or rigid all the time would also make us more exhausted as well to so I guess these factors just intensify the degree of the other problems

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I hope you have perfect weather for your wedding. :slight_smile:

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@CoCo. Thank you me too

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