Latuda withdrawal

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I’ve stopped taking latuda, cold turkey, of 160mg 4 or 5 days ago. I’ve been experiencing really difficult nausea. Also some lightheadedness and increased hallucinations while dreaming/lucid dreaming if that makes sense. The nausea can keep me in bed all morning until late afternoon it’s so unbearable.

I stopped taking it because my prolactin levels were too high and I gained a lot of weight. I’m looking to treat schizophrenia more naturally. I’ve gone off meds before for about 6 months and was fine until I began smoking weed and drinking. My hallucinations came back. So I’m planning to take herbs like ginkgo biloba and not smoke or drink.

My question is how long will these withdrawals last? I can’t seem to find an answer anywhere. If anyone knows, please comment. Thanks.

Shanice!!! I don’t recommend coming off latuda cold turkey unless your doctor tells you can. Sounds awful :fearful: I’ve never heard of ginkgo biloba, but if it was effective in treating schizophrenia don’t you think we all would do it??? Back in the day, I would come off my meds and last a year till I relapse into psychosis. But the more times you come off meds the more damage you do to yourself. And then after a while you will not be able to skip 1 day of meds because of the damage you’ve done. The withdrawals will last longer than u think, I suppose, but you’re not supposed to come off anti-psychotics cold turkey so which is why u might not be able to find an answer. Try something like abilify, because that is weight neutral and has no impact on prolactin levels. Don’t give up on anti-psychotics just because latuda doesn’t work. There are many anti-psychotics, maybe you haven’t found the right one for YOU… Sorry to be THAT person, but I just feel I needed to warn you before you start having difficulties.


I guess you are all pro-medication. I’m doing better today. I’m hoping to stay off of them if I can help it. Thanks for your concern.

Glad to hear the withdrawals are gone almost. But yeah most this board is pro medication. One of the rules is to not encourage people to go off their meds. I think a lot of the posters have been to hell and back going on and off meds and in the end realize need meds. That’s why we’re pro meds. I hope you don’t regret your decision and the non meds work for you.!! Maybe you should try CBD. @SzAdmin posted an article about it yesterday helping psychosis. It’s from the cannabis plant but doesn’t get u high.


Here’s the post

I quit cold turkey (not smart) 1-2 weeks of Hell … but I made it… barely


u should try to find a different med if latuda was bad for u don’t start taking it again just try something else I really ■■■■■■ up once because I quit my last med because it made me gain a ton of weight and my hallucinations got bad but I didn’t have a psychiatrist at the time so I started taking it again and gained even more weight, now I’m on another med and I don’t have that side effect so I am much happier because I can lose the weight I gained from the last one
I wish there were more natural approaches to treating this MI but really the only thing that is effective other than antipsychotics for hallucinations is CBD and I use that just to calm me but I cant use it instead of antipsychotics because it would cost like 50-100 dollars a day,
I think the best thing to do is find a med that doesnt have side effects as bad

Marijuana makes my paranoia worse !!!


I can’t give you a definite answer, but I think the new, atypical ap’s leave your system quicker than the old, typical ap’s. I was on Latuda for a short while. I was angry the whole time I was on it, but I have since decided it wasn’t the Latuda doing that. It was withdrawal from the Geodon and Seroquel that I previously had been taking. I wish I could offer you more info, but that is all I have.


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Are you still off?

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Thank you crimby

Yes I don’t think I want to try anything cannabis related. I’ve had my bad experiences. I don’t want to chance the cbd even if it doesn’t make you high, but thanks for the research goyankees!!


Hello Shanice … yes I am

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I’m glad you made it/are making it through withdrawals.

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