Latuda or Trilafon


I think that because of too many side effects and health issues from taking Risperdal, I am eventually going to make a jump to another antipsychotic. Because I suffer from Diabetes and metabolic issues, my doctor narrowed the choices of AP’s down to Abilify (I was on it before with disastrous results) Geodon ( too worried about heart issues)
Latuda ( newer AP with strong antidepressant properties - a good choice for me) and Trilafon(Perphenazine) another med I am interested in taking. I basically narrowed it down to taking either Latuda or Trilafon - I am hearing good things about both of these meds. I am wondering which medication is a better fit for me.
I suffer from dperession, my mixed states can be a bit on the angry side (to put it mildly) I can get severely delusional and suffer from moderate hallucinations when not well. My concern is that Latuda will not be potent enough to control my symptoms, but I am interested in taking it, it is easy on the body. I do worry about EPS with Trilafon, but it might be a better drug to control my symptoms, which does include anxiety, and Trilafon is a good med against anxiety also.
Does anyone have thoughts on this matter? Suggestions and guidance would be deeply appreciated -


I don’t know about latuda but perphenazine is one of the best meds I ever used, very strong and almost without any side effects except EPS. hope you find your answer soon by guys who consumed both, good luck.


Hi aliali - did you get EPS from it or muscle issues?


Latuda can be pretty strong at high dosages. I take 120 mg/day and it WORKS! I was previously at the max FDA allowed dosage of 160 mg. Even at that strength, I didn’t have side effects.

Hope this helps in your decision making!




Thanks Anthony it does help - I will be discussing Latuda with her also, she loves using it on her patients - thank you as usual - Wave :smiley:


**Hi Anthony!
Does Latuda come in an injectable form?


Latuda made me very aggressive.


Currently, Latuda is only available in tablet form.

However, I wouldn’t be surprised if the manufacturer followed suit with drugs like Abilify and Invega, and made an injectable form soon.




Thanks Anthony.
It would be great if all meds were in injection form. C. has been on an ijectable form of prolixin for 10 years, but can`t seem to get him to try anything else–says it would be to stressful.
Onceapoet–my son is already somewhat aggressive, maybe this would not be good for him.


I would not go by one person’s experience from a drug. Latuda is not likely to cause aggression in most people


Yeah. I was hoping there would be more on latuda on here. But I think the important thing is just to watch him either way. You are definitely flipping a coin here by the way it looks, but if you watch him really closely you can catch him before he falls if the coin flip isn’t a winner.


I saw my doctor - We finally decided on going with Latuda as my first choice and if it doesn’t work out for me as planned, I will be trying Trilafon. this will happen as soon as I am completely of the Depakote in a couple of weeks or so - one change at a time, thanks for everyones input on this matter :smiley: